In the four weeks preceding Christmas, Christians have historically celebrated a season commonly called “Advent” (meaning, “arrival”). Like the waiting our children endure before Christmas with gifts under the tree, during this season we intentionally enter a period of waiting and longing leading up to Christmas Day. This waiting symbolically reminds us of the same waiting and longing felt by the Hebrew prophets of the Old Testament as they waited for the arrival of the Messiah. During this season we recognize what Christ birthed into humanity in his first coming, and what will be brought to its highest expression at his second coming: hope, love, joy, and peace for all who follow him. 

Living in God’s Family 

The word “family” can mean many different things to different people. Often, when people speak of family, they mean their blood relatives, specifically those with whom they live (often called the “nuclear family”). While this certainly is one aspect of family, it is not the totality of it!  

When Christians speak of family, we also refer to God’s family, his ekklesia or “church.” Those who are members of God’s household, brought together in Jesus the Messiah, are more than random individuals who come together a couple of times a week. When we enter God’s kingdom, we become family with one another, forging a unique bond that transcends blood relation, culture, social class, or geographic location. We are all children brought together into God’s great family. 


12/2 – 12/11